Anyone tried uplink authorization from python?

Hi friends,

Any one tried the uplink authorization from python?
I get error “Invalid credentials”

Any ideas?

Thank you for reaching out!

Having examined the provided screenshot, it seems to be suggesting an authentication issue. To address this matter, we kindly request you create a ticket through our support portal at

Please include your Unique Client Code (UCC) and any relevant information when raising the ticket. Afterward, you can share the ticket number here, and we will be able to investigate and resolve and provide needed assistance.


Is this issue resolved for you?


I am having the same issue.

Please see my ticket here - . The url formed should in theory open the auth page but always results in invalid credentials error message.

Can you help ?

@Gautam_Anand, I will review your ticket and provide a response. In the meantime, common causes for invalid credentials often include discrepancies in client_id, response_type, or redirect_uri.

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Is it possible to use localhost for redirect_uri ? since the callback would need a live deployment, cant use till I have basics tested.

Certainly, for testing and validating purposes, you can employ a localhost URL. Upon doing so, you will be directed to the localhost with a auth code.

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