Algorooms Login issue with API

I am trying to connect my upstox account to algorooms but a message always pops up “Broker auth code not found”. i have tried several times loging in and out, how to resolve it?

Hello @Smruti_Mohanty ,
Could you please provide your Upstox user_id and the time at which you attempted to connect to Upstox for further investigation? Additionally, attaching a screenshot would be helpful. Rest assured i was able to successfully connect Upstox to AlgoRooms from my account.


Take these actions to fix the “Broker auth code not found” error that appears when you try to link your Upstox account to Algorooms:

  • Ensure Proper Login Sequence
  • Single-Use Auth Code
  • Check API Endpoints
  • Environment and Configuration
  • Debugging

Try contacting Upstox support directly if these solutions don’t work for you, or look through their community forums to see if anyone else has encountered any problems similar to yours.


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Yeah, Sure My upstox Id is KG7699