08NOV23 - Weekly Expiry Symbols missing from Data File Complete.csv

Hi, what’s wrong with your data file? My program is not working because it couldn’t locate the BANKNIFTY symbols for this week’s expiry which should start with “BANKNIFTY23D08…” but there are none to be found in your master data file (complete.csv). Instead it is showing symbols such as “BANKNIFTY23D06…” which shouldn’t exist at all since there is no weekly expiry for BANKNIFTY on Mondays and this is for today itself. Please rectify the data file and regenerate a.s.a.p. Screenshots attached. This is the link to your data file: “https://assets.upstox.com/market-quote/instruments/exchange/complete.csv.gz


We’ve regenerated the instruments file while addressing a different issue. Could you please check to see if this has also resolved your problem?

If the issue persists, let us know and we will investigate further.