RestAPI V/s gRPC


Has Upstox considered using gRPC instead of REST? Came across these videos which talk about Google’s RPC (gRPC) using the protobuf which is atleast 5 times faster than REST and with multi-language support.

Please have a look:




Few basics so we’ve the right frame of mind to thing along the lines:

  • But everyone in the industry is offering RestAPIs
    => Right. Just be yet another from the crowd. Don’t even think of levelling up your game!

  • But gRPC is “difficult” than RestAPIs
    => APIs are for traders with knowledge of programming. Not for manual traders anyway! There is enormous “free” information available on the internet for anyone who cares to search, learn and ramp-up!

  • But we’ve already so much built on REST.
    => Ideally this must have thought earlier. This is a “design” decision. Anyways, things evolve, nothing remains the same or constant. Can introduce as next upgrade! The sooner we act on a mistake, the better it can get.

What’s in it for Upstox?
This efficiency would help Upstox serve more requests with the same hardware, software and time resources. It might also help reduce your resource footprint and scale-up.

What’s in it for Traders?
Efficiency means faster executions, performance. Better use of resources and time in market.

So, overall a win-win!
Cost? one time learning of a new piece of tech thus contributing to growth.