Getting incorrect tag in order response

tag used - order_1_entry
tag received - 'tag': '>\rorder_1_entry',
getting >\r at the beginning of the tag param in order updates

@Mandar_Salvi Thank you for your concern. We have forwarded it to the relevant team and will inform you once we receive an update.

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Hi @Upstox,

I am also facing the same issue and it can cause issues. Please try to get it fix asap.

Immediate response will be appreciated…


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@Akash_Jindal @Mandar_Salvi Can you share UCC for further investigation, we will check with relevant team.

My id - GE2803

I hope you fix it as soon as possible, it’s causing a lot of issues

It was working before, till 21-05-2024

@Mandar_Salvi @Akash_Jindal,

We are currently resolving this issue and will inform you once the fix is implemented.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


@shanmu @Anand_Sajankar is it fixed?

@Mandar_Salvi @Akash_Jindal,

The issue has been resolved. Kindly review and confirm.

Thank you!