Closing the Upstox login page popup after Authentication/Authorization

I am not sure if this is the right platform to ask my question.

I am rendering the Upstox login button using React. On clicking, the Upstox login page will be displayed in a popup. This call is being redirected to Spring boot microservice, which manages OAuth authentication. Once successful authentication is completed, I need to close the popup. I am able to render the homepage inside the popup.

Could someone help me on this. Thanks in advance

yes its simple i have done using react, i didnot get topup.

I am struggling to close the popup automatically upon successful authentication. It would be great if you could share any sample code snippets in react to close popup.


For a comprehensive understanding of the authentication process, I recommend consulting the Auth flow diagram in our documentation. This visual guide, available at Upstox API Authentication Documentation, will aid you in grasping the expected authentication sequence. Once you’re familiar with it, you can effectively plan the auth flow for your app. Please note that providing specific suggestions or assistance for client-specific functionality falls outside our purview.

Thank you!

You are right. Thank you.